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Details on how to get a factory reconditioned - refurbished Vita-Mix 5200.Everything my Bosch blender could do, it can do better in less time and with larger quantities.Browse our selection of Vitamix Blenders for personal blenders, wet and dry containers, and other blender accessories.

Also, I will not be at all surprised if my Vitamix lasts longer than 15 years, and in that case, the annual cost will be even more reasonable.

They may last longer than a new one, cost about the same, and I have heard they are easier to repair than newer blenders.Since the tamper reaches down so low to the blade, it makes it easy to push things down for personal sized amounts (as little as 6 oz).

If you are going to spend these big bucks on an appliance there are only 3 stores that I recommend you buy from because of great return policies.I was glad to hear your comparisons to the Blendtec as I was unaware of it before I bought mine.Vitamix was introduced to change the way we prepare food and drinks.So I just switched out the blades between the wet and the dry containers, and use it that way.As regards frugality, I find I use more of the produce eg stems and small pieces left over from grating and spiral slicer.Hubs got me a Kitchen Aid mixer the year after we were married when my (cheap) hand mixer died with the first batch of Christmas cookies I was making.I no longer buy expensive processed bottles of dressings, marinades etc.I also married a woman who brought a cheap hand mixer into the relationship (which gets maybe 5 minutes of use every few months.).

If so, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but VitaMix does not offer discount codes.I am now on a raw vegan diet and I can do everything with my vita mix to hopefully outlive my machine.We made things like our own brown rice flour, for instance, and homemade mayonnaise.All I do is hit a button and walk away, and my smoothie is done, so hailing the tamper as a great feature seems a little bizarre to me.I wanted to put in my two cents for my awesome Osterizer Classic blender.I had always wondered whether I would have been happier with a Blendtec, until I read your article.

It has many of the same features as the vitamix, such as making soup, and even ice cream, but I will mostly use it for smoothies.My wife and I love this blender and couldnt imagine ourselves without it.Trying to puree lentils, make hummus, etc., most of the food winds up packed under the blades, the remainder turns to dust.Hubs bought me a refurbished Vitamix for our anniversary last year.Spent a month in Europe this winter without my VitaMix and really felt its absence.This is the absolute maximum discount available among all coupon and promotion codes for Vitamix. The Vitamix 5200 comes.Luckily, Costco (where we bought it from) allowed us to return it.

Best blender reviews for top blenders like Vitamix 7500, 5200, Blendtec, Omni, Ninja and more.Because the warranty is so good it makes me not afraid of using for lots of the things it suggest.Again, not a huge deal to me personally, but if you were wanting to keep this out on the counter underneath your cabinets, this might be a problem for you.Thanks for all the comments on the Vitamix and some of the competitors.I obviously use it quite often so I think it is worth every single penny it cost.

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The shape of the Wildside jar makes it so that the tamper is unnecessary.

We have aVitaMix and have used it virtually every day for more than 20 years.Have you seen the newer Vitamix model, with the shorter pitcher.I see that vitamix has a single serve mixer now but it looks like it only does the single serve size not sure I understand why they just didnt make a single serve cup rather than come out with a whole new machine.

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I purchased a refurbished Vitamix Next Generation Professional Series blender from the Vitamix website and I think it is incredible.

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